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5 Styles of Thassos Marble Tiles and Mosaics for Your Home

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Known for its durability, beauty, and simplicity, Thassos marble is a popular tile choice around the country and the world.

While Thassos is widely beloved for the luster and unique marbling it offers in large tile slabs, the material is also common in mosaic tile.

Today, exciting new varieties of Thassos marble mosaic tile are surfacing on the market, and they're providing a unique way for people to beautify interior spaces.

Praised for its purity, Thassos marble mosaics and tiles are ideal for a variety of uses and, when used correctly, can add a unique look and feel to any room.

Here are five of our favorite Thassos marble mosaic and tile options for today’s homeowners and designers.

1. 12x24 Polished Greek Thassos White Extra Marble Tile 


 The 12x24 polished Greek Thassos white extra marble tile is one of the most beautiful tiles we offer. It’s ideal for anyone who loves the pure white color of Thassos marble, but wants to capitalize on the beauty of tile in the “extra” classification – which means it has no spots or veining.


Ideal for use in flooring, backsplashes (the polish makes it easy to clean), and accent walls, this beautiful, pure white tile is fantastic for any room that requires timeless elegance without a color or pattern that will make it feel “noisy.”


 2. Polished Thassos White and Crema Marfil Basketweave Mosaic Tile

A unique, modern take on a traditional basketweave pattern, our polished Thassos white and Crema Marfil basketweave mosaic tile is a beautiful, dense-looking tile that is ideal for traditional homes.

 3/8” thick, this beautiful, intricate tile is excellent for backsplashes or flooring in small rooms, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms.

 While the crema marfil color goes well with virtually all interior spaces, we also offer ming green and Nero varieties of the same tile for homeowners, designers, or builders who prefer a slightly different tone.


 3. 2 Inch Hexagon Polished Thassos White Mosaic Tile


Featuring a hexagonal pattern in white, the 2-inch hexagon polished Thassos white mosaic tile is a lovely in-between for customers who want a traditional-looking tile with a modern twist.

 Available in 10 ¾” x 12 ¼” sheets backed by mesh, this tile is well-suited to dozens of applications, including use on an interior, lightly-trafficked floor, interior and exterior walls, and even in showers.

 For a truly unique look, line a shower in this hive-shaped tile and set off the classic colors with bright, modern fixtures and plenty of light. Durable, beautiful, and unique, this Thassos marble is sure to make any home stand out.


 4. 18 x 18 Polished Greek Thassos White Select Marble Tile 18 x 18 Thassos White Polished Tiles


Similar to the 12x24 polished white extra marble tile, our 18X18 polished Greek Thassos white select marble tile is a gorgeous addition to any home.

 Available in 3/8” thickness, this Thassos marble is simple to install and will add an impressive depth and texture to areas like bathroom floors and shower stalls. The “select” classification means this marble tile will have subtle grey and brown shadows, and some subdued gray veining.

 Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, the polish makes this tile easy to clean while the subtle color scheme means this tile will blend beautifully with any part of the home.


 5. 5/8 x 5/8 Polished Thassos White Mosaic Tile 5/8 Thassos Marble Mosaic

Offering a tighter, denser pattern than our 2-inch Hexagon polished Thassos marble tile, the 5/8 x 5/8 Polished Thassos White Mosaic Tile is a ultra-modern design that will look great in small spaces, where it can make the most impact.

3/8” thick and available in 5/8” x 5/8” squares mounted on a mesh backing, this mosaic tile is ideal for use in backsplashes, shower floors or accent walls.

For textural drama, consider adding a vertical wall of this tile to a bathroom or placing it behind a tub. Add some ceiling-mounted lights to set off the pattern and keep the rest of the bathroom simple.

Alternately, consider complimenting your polished Thassos white mosaic tile with some beautiful Thassos trim, such as our Thassos Sylvia chair trim, which stands out beautifully against tiles and mosaics.

Unique, modern, and understated enough to go with virtually everything, this beautiful and easy-to-care-for tile is ideal for all homes.

Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile: A Beautiful Way to Bring Texture and Quality into the Home

Available in a huge variation of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, Thassos tiles and mosaics are ideal for use in dozens of creative applications. Ranging from modern to traditional and covering all of the bases in-between, this gorgeous tile is popular for backsplashes, interior and exterior walls and floors, and bathrooms.

Perfect for large or small spaces, any of the mosaic tile options on this list will add beauty and quality to the home.

If you have questions about which of these options will work best for your applications, don’t hesitate to contact the staff here at DEKO Tile. We have a huge selection of beautiful, quality Thassos marble at unbeatable prices, and our experienced staff is here to help you find the perfect tile for your unique application.

 Contact us today to learn more!

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Basalt Tile Mosaics: Using These Timeless Pieces to Overhaul Interiors

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While people have been utilizing various materials to make mosaics for centuries, some of the most beautiful mosaics are made from glazed tile, which first appeared in architecture around 1500 BCE. Today, the use of mosaic is anything but dead, and discerning designers, homeowners, and builders around the country are using basalt tile to add beautiful standard mosaic patterns to kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond.


Read on to learn more.


How Mosaic Finishes Add Depth and Beauty to Space


Mosaic tiles serve many purposes in an interior design setting. From adding visual interest or depth to creating a focal point or elongating a small area, mosaic tiles are ideal for adding flair to an interior space. Mosaic tile can also serve to add texture or pattern to an otherwise drab or dull area.


While there are dozens of ways to use mosaic tile in today’s design climate, many designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are using standard mosaic tiles to dress up functional areas like bathrooms and kitchens without sacrificing functionality, durability, or versatility.


How Basalt Tile Keeps the Mosaic Tradition Alive


In the days of old, one had to be a master artist or craftsperson to put together the small chips needed to create a beautiful mosaic. Today, however, the development of natural stone tile and the popularity of standard mosaic tiles has made the mosaic look and feel easier and more accessible than ever before.


Because of this newfound ease, mosaic patterns have begun to appear in hard surface products meant specifically for use in the home.


Today, one of the most popular materials used for hard surface mosaics is basalt tile. Basalt is an igneous rock formed from cooled lava and is famous for being the most abundant bedrock on earth.


Also located on Mars and the moon, basalt is a strong, varied stone that is commonly polished and used as an interior tile. Throughout history, basalt tile has been used in world-famous buildings like The Roman Theatre in Syria, and in such long-lasting structures as Rome’s city streets.


Beyond those ancient uses, basalt tile has become popular for use in homes and commercial environments. Today, this product offers a wide selection of unique, geometric designs (ranging from striking surfaces finishes such as Autumn Rain to modern tumbled, 3-dimensional varieties) that serve to keep the ages-old tradition of mosaic tile alive.


3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Basalt Tile


Secured to a backer made from a material like mesh, modern mosaic tile makes the installation process simple and eliminates the need to place tiles individually. Ideal for any space that requires a dramatic visual impact in a small area, these beautiful tiles are commonly used in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and backsplashes.


It’s also common to see natural stone tiles used as decorative rims around private pools and hot tubs or in the foyers or entryways of high-end homes and office buildings.


While the uses of this tile are almost infinite, it’s important for buyers to be sure they’re purchasing the right variety for a particular application. With that in mind, here are three things to consider before buying basalt tile:


  1. Pattern


It is important to match the pattern of basalt tile to the size, style, and purpose of the space in mind.  For example, the horizontal pattern of our 3D honed mosaic tile is ideal for creating a dramatic visual impact and providing the illusion of elongation in a narrow space, while the subdued yet elegant appearance of our 5/8x 5/8 polished basalt tile is ideal for visually balancing a tall space.


  1. Color


Basalt tile comes in a variety of natural colors, and buyers can choose tiles ranging from neutral grey to bold black and white. Thanks to the large color variety of basalt tile, it’s easy to find a shade that works with virtually any interior décor.


  1. Size


Some basalt tile mosaics are “busier” than others, which means that they are better suited for smaller spaces. While basalt tile mosaics are often used in entry walls and other large display areas, it’s important to remember that intricate basalt patterns are better left to small spaces. Otherwise, they risk appearing too overwhelming and noisy. 


Basalt Tile: A Timeless Addition to Any Home


Basalt tile has been used in some of the most beautiful, ancient buildings around the world, so it stands to reason that it has gained a prominent spot in the domestic design market, as well. Beautiful, sturdy, timeless, and elegant, basalt tile is the ideal material to add visual interest, unique depth, and sturdy functionality to virtually any space in a home.


Interested in purchasing basalt tile for your upcoming project? Visit Deko Tile to search our large selection of basalt tile mosaics today!






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Decorative Metal Collection from DEKO Tile

Posted by DEKO Tile on

Exquisite decorative metal inserts, liners or trim available in real Bronze, Silver or Iron, part of DEKO Tile's Decorative Metal Collection. Available in different sizes and colors: 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, Antique Bronze, Bronze, Pewter and Wrought Iron.

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Selecting Your Tiles

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This is the most important and enjoyable part the whole process. With a large variety of tiles to choose from, you may want to order some samples to see how they fit in with the rest of your furnishings and decorations. We offer free shipping on all samples.*

If you are not certain about the suitability of particular tiles for your specific requirements, please contact our customer support associates for recommendations and information.

Tiles differ in size and thickness and choosing the right size is just as important as choosing the type. Small tiles and mosaics are better suited to cover small areas, while large tiles usually work better with large areas.

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